If another wonder could be added to the Seven Wonders of the World then the magnificent island of Mljet would certainly be on the shortlist.

The ancient Greek poet Homer wrote about Mljet in Odyssey, as his hero Odyssey sailed in this region.

Mljet is indeed s unspoiled island that is covered by a dense Mediterranean forest. The sea around the island is rich in fish and marine life. Mljet is also well known for it’s two salted lakes – Veliko and Malo Jezero that are located at the north end of the island. On small island in the middle of Veliko Jezero lake, there is old Benedictine monastery. Beside beach Saplunara (on the south of the island) , Veliko and Malo Jezero are favorite swimming spots for locals and visitors alike. North- west part of the island of Mljet is also one of Croatian National Parks, and is therefore, one of the favorite destinations for travelers.


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