There is a group of islands facing Dubrovnik called the Elaphite Islands. The word “elaphite” comes from the Greek word for “deer” as the arrangement of the islands’ reefs, bays, and isthmuses resembles a set of magnificently ramified deer horns.

The Elaphite archipelago consists of 13 larger and smaller islands, but only three of them are inhabited: Koločep, Lopud, and Šipan.

This private tour presents you with an opportunity of visiting some of the archipelago’s hidden caves or swimming on the sandy beach of Sunj and walking around the villages. For example, you can take a walk on the island of Lopud, which used to house two monasteries, thirty churches, and several noble palaces, although only remnants of this magnificent past are visible today.

The Elaphite Islands are three small, separate worlds, large enough to provide, in their own way, everything that is necessary for a comfortable stay.

If you book a trip with us to the Elaphite Islands, you will be able to experience all their charm and splendour. During your walk on the Koločep island, while enjoying the wild beauty of the island of Šipan, or while sunbathing on the sandy beaches of Lopud, you will hear a number of interesting stories about the past and present of the archipelago.

Teeming with fish and other marine life, Šipan is an excellent spot for both beginner and advanced snorkelers. This tour is a perfect getaway from the rush of the city centre and a great example of autochthon island culture in the Dubrovnik area.


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